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micBarn dances or hoe downs are becoming very popular at weddings, parties and corporate functions because they are a great mixer, a lot of fun and everyone can dance.

There are no age boundaries to barn dances - discos usually cater for a specific audience bracket (teens, 70s disco, 60s disco, rock etc) - we don't mind working alongside a disco, but we do a rock and roll spot at the end of the evening if required.








Hoe down's and barn dances can be hilarious - we are there to give a fun evening not educate the audience or insist they get the dances right. The more mistakes the more merriment. Each dance is explained and "walked through" beforehand and called during the dance - this means you don't have to remember, just enjoy

Barn dances and Hoe Down's are a great leveller - all ages and abilities can mix equally, and all enjoy themselves. You don't have to be super-fit to dance either - all our dances are not over-strenuous. Like we say - it's all about having fun.

If you want to hear us play you can come along to one of our public gigs.

If you want to know the difference between a hoe down, a ceilidh and a barn dance, well in truth, there is no difference at all. They are just the same thing called by a different name.

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