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Why choose Turnpike Barn Dance Band for your wedding receptions, barn dances or hoedowns? Simply this - we offer experience, entertainment, enjoyment & professional musicianship. We realise that you are not there to be educated but entertained.






It's all about having fun, so don't worry if you think you can't do the dances - EVERYONE CAN

We call you through the dance before you start and during the dance as well, - but if you go wrong or make a mistake, that's fine. It all adds to the fun.


All barn dance bands and hoedown bands are not the same. Some are more serious minded for the more experienced dancers - Turnpike are not like that. They play for complete novices upwards.

Turnpike play mainly at corporate functions, wedding receptions, village ceilidhs and parties - in other words all the places where you will find a mix of all ages and abilities. We even do a little rock 'n' roll to finish off the evening if you require it.

We know how stressful planning wedding receptions, ceilidhs, corporate functions and parties can be - Let Turnpike take away that worry for you.

We have been performing brilliantly, entertaining audiences, and filling the dance floors, for years and years.

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Phone: 01942 892829

Email: fran@barn-dance-bands.co.uk